Digital Marketing: from emotion to action

By: Liz Carolina Castillo

Each new day brings its own eagerness (popular proverb) … Or at least that’s how we use to thought only a couple years ago when life was different, communications were neither immediate nor exact and neither were accessible to most of the population. 

However, the advancement of technology brought with it drastic and increasingly rapid changes in human behavior and therefore in the way of doing business, because we have to be clear that technology is what motivates the transformations by placing multiple simplification tools or process improvement within the reach of companies and there’s not the process that determines technological progress. 

That’s why strategic planning has become the fundamental basis of any business area, even more so in the increasingly changing environment where we operate. That ́s why marketing becomes more relevant, going from being an organizational discipline to a predictive communication strategy and anticipation of opportunities, creating and managing new and better opportunities. 

Marketing and specifically digital marketing has been gaining relevance precisely because digitization is more than a trend, it’s the natural evolution of this discipline by integrating the technological tools that support the efforts of segmentation, structuring, design, distribution and sales of companies, by measuring the impact of each one, evaluating the cost benefit of each initiative, as well as the return on investment (ROI) and achieving that “feedback” from customers that helps to provide them with a product or service that ́s increasingly aligned to their changing tastes and growing needs and demands. 

Now, although digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, email, web applications (classic and mobile) and social networks, it can also occur, although to a lesser extent, through channels that don’t use the Internet such as television, radio, SMS messages, etc., so as not to neglect that part of the population that ́s still in the process of learning or migrating to digital platforms. 

The current global trend in online marketing is to combine different techniques such as content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and others, which means it’s not enough to invest in just one, it must be a structured combination, well thought out and analyzed both in the tactical and practical side for the strategy to be effective, and this itself requires a serious analysis of all the areas of the company with a view to being the company in which customers wants to invest. 

Today’s customer, the post-pandemic customer, is a more demanding customer who increasingly values the details and wants to see facts, compare, inquire, criticize, comments and want his opinion to be consider. 

This new way of seeing the world, spending more time with the family, prioritizing savings, carefully evaluating needs before buying and enjoying personal relationships more, are elements that we cannot and shouldn’t lose sight for design the realistic campaigns the consumer expects to receive. And where do they expect it? At their fingertips, simple, fast, accessible, and secure, qualities that we can only provide by aligning digital strategies. 

Then, how do we do that? By properly training our key personnel or identifying where to find the required talent, losing fear of technology, listening to our clients, optimizing information security, properly handling the data we obtain from our consumers, communicating in a timely manner by the optimal means and paying attention to the care of the internal client, our own work team. 

Taking into consideration all of the above, companies with a view to successfully maintaining operations, growing, advancing and maintaining themselves over time, should guide their efforts in working on their digital marketing strategies attached to transformation, aware that the reality is that the change is not temporary, it will be a constant that is here to stay, that with certainty we are facing the beginning of major changes that will require our sharpness to face them and adapt more and more quickly. 

And since the best analogy to talk about business is to talk about the battlefield, we end by saying that every action brings a reaction, that each emotion generates an action, so let’s be clear that “in warned war …”